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Beautiful Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows transcend the beauty of your face and make an immediate visible impact on others.  The most coveted eyebrow shape is the one that starts directly above the inner corner of the eye, while its highest point is little beyond the outer corner of the iris.  It tapers off to the end in a rounded bow like shape.

Not many women have not been endowed with perfect eyebrows, but we can help you to attain the desired shape.

Our therapists can unlock that alluring look.  They are fully trained in facial expressions and will guide you to achieve the most effective eyebrows.
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Modern styling does not have a high arch over the eye
Who's Setting the New trend?

Eyebrows like Nicole Kidman's are passť.  Actress Jennifer Connelly's brows are in.

Researchers at the German University of Regensburg and Johns Hopkins University in the US showed pictures of women with different shaped brows to 350 people of all ages.
There was a clear winner:
"Young people up to 29 years of age judge arched eyebrows to be unattractive and prefer the lower positioned eyebrow with a maximum in the lateral third," they wrote in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Because trends are generally introduced by young people, they conclude that the lower positioned eyebrow is the new ideal and high eyebrows could disappear altogether.

Blossoms Beauty London offer eyebrow threading beauty styling treatment at Debenhams Stores.  Find out everything about threading and shaping eyebrows and benefits available, Debenhams Croydon, Bromley, Guildford, Basingstoke & Staines.

What is Eyebrow Threading?

A few words on threading:-

This is a natural system of removing eyebrow hair using a cotton thread by a therapist... 

This procedure is also ideally suited to facial hair such as around lips or the side of the face and can also be used on small body areas.

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Why Choose Threading?

  • Its Quick & Simple
  • Defines the Eyebrows
  • Its Kinder to the Skin
  • Beautiful Results & Smooth Finish
  • Endorsed by World Celebrities
  • Hair is Removed from the Root
  • Reduces the Hair Growth

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What is our greatest reward?

Our greatest reward is to see our clients happy and smiling when they leave.
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