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We are always actively seeking for beauticians/aesthetician to work with Blossoms Beauty Ltd in department stores, at a central location.  The job requires experienced an aesthetician in eyebrow shaping, facial hair removal using the threading method, eyelash tinting and eyelash extensions.  The application should have good communication skills in dealing with customers.

You should be flexible enough to help out on occasions when/where required.

Flexible hours are available, but we only want reliable experienced people to apply.  It's very important to us that you have a pleasant disposition and are friendly and welcoming to both store staff and customers.

Staff training is available, and if you think we should consider your application, please phone us or complete the simple information form and we will contact you.

You can contact us at any of our store outlets.

Tel: 08445 616161

Email: info@blossoms-beauty.co.uk

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Eye Brow Threading
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After Eye Brow Threading

All our practising staff have at least 5 years experience in threading.  This is essential as our clients expect a perfect eyebrow shape.  We will not use a therapist unless we are satisfied with their training and tried and tested their abilities.  An understanding of facial expressions is required.

Customer referrals are our greatest source of income - Your satisfaction is essential to us

To find out about our current store locations use the link:  » Locations more info

What is our greatest reward?

Our greatest reward is to see our clients happy and smiling when they leave.
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